Scipy minimize fmin – problems with syntax

I have a function which takes several arguments (one array and two floats) and returns a scalar (float).
Now I want to minimize this function by varying two of the arguments: the two floats.
The array is “unpacked” inside the function at its contents (arrays and floats) are then used.

How can this be done using SciPy’s fmin function? I am having a very hard time figuring out the right syntax for this..

The function is something like:

def func(x, y, data)
    result = ...x...y...data1...data2... #result is a scalar (float)
    return result

What should scipy.optimize.fmin look like in this case?

optimize.fmin(func, ???)

Many thanks in advance!

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Best answer

scipy assumes that the arguments are in an array. You can define a helper function:

def helper(xy):
    return func(xy[0], xy[1], data)

and minimize it with optimize.fmin:

optimize.fmin(helper, np.array([x0, y0]), ...)