Multiplying elements in a sparse array with rows in matrix

If you have a sparse matrix X:

>> X = csr_matrix([[0,2,0,2],[0,2,0,1]])
>> print type(X)    
>> print X.todense()    
<class 'scipy.sparse.csr.csr_matrix'>
[[0 2 0 2]
 [0 2 0 1]]

And a matrix Y:

>> print type(Y)
>> print text_scores
<class 'numpy.matrixlib.defmatrix.matrix'>

…How can you multiply each element of X by the rows of Y. For example:

[[0*8 2*8 0*8 2*8]
 [0*5 2*5 0*5 1*5]]


[[0 16 0 16]
 [0 10 0 5]]

I’ve tired this but obviously it doesn’t work as the dimensions dont match:
Z = * Y

Best answer

Unfortunatly the .multiply method of the CSR matrix seems to densify the matrix if the other one is dense. So this would be one way avoiding that:

# Assuming that Y is 1D, might need to do Y = Y.A.ravel() or such...

# just to make the point that this works only with CSR:
if not isinstance(X, scipy.sparse.csr_matrix):
    raise ValueError('Matrix must be CSR.')

Z = X.copy()
# simply repeat each value in Y by the number of nnz elements in each row: *= Y.repeat(np.diff(Z.indptr))

This does create some temporaries, but at least its fully vectorized, and it does not densify the sparse matrix.

For a COO matrix the equivalent is: *= Y[Z.row] # you can use np.take which is faster then indexing.

For a CSC matrix the equivalent would be: *= Y[Z.indices]