Is there a way to write formatted text from Python?

If you are writing to a file with python, is there any way to make certain parts of the text bold, italic, or underlined ?

i tried:

test = '/location/tester.rtf'
out_file = open(test,'w')
out_file.write('is this {\bold}?')
out_file.close() #thanks to the comment below

is it possible to write FORMATTED TEXT like bold, italic, or underlined text via python ? i feel like .rtf is the most basic formatted text but correct me if i’m wrong

Best answer

Just been playing around with this assuming MS word, I found that you needed to wrap the document in ‘{}’ and define the doctype, then start bold with ‘\b’ and end with ‘\b0’. An example would be

test = 'tester.rtf'
out_file = open(test,'w')
This is \\b Bold  \\b0\line\
out_file.close() #thanks to the comment below

Note the double ‘\’ since python has special meanings for ‘\b’ and ‘\r’.

The full info came from, which also describes italics, font etc.

Let me know if that worked for you.