How to force Google App Engine [python] to use SSL (https)?

I write a web app on Google App Engine using Python.

Users can access my site at http://[youraccount] and https://[youraccount]

How do I redirect the http traffic to the https site.

In other words, how do I force this site to use **SSL(https)** for security purpose (and for better SEO)?

Best answer

Just add a secure parameter to the app.yaml file.

- url: /youraccount/.*
  login: required
  secure: always

See Configuring Secure URLs in app.yaml

Google App Engine supports secure connections via HTTPS for URLs using
the * domain. When a request accesses a URL using HTTPS,
and that URL is configured to use HTTPS in the app.yaml file, both the
request data and the response data are encrypted by the sender before
they are transmitted, and decrypted by the recipient after they are
. Secure connections are useful for protecting customer data,
such as contact information, passwords, and private messages.