How to compare wrapped functions with functools.partial?

If I define my function as below:

def myfunc(arg1, arg2):

then myfunc == myfunc will return True

But functools.partial(myfunc, arg2=1) == functools.partial(myfunc, arg2=1) will return False.

For unittest purpose, is there an easy way to test if the partial function is the one I expect?

Best answer

Test if the func, args and keywords attributes are the same:

p1.func == p2.func and p1.args == p2.args and p1.keywords == p2.keywords

where p1 and p2 are both partial() objects:

>>> from functools import partial
>>> def myfunc(arg1, arg2):
...     pass
>>> partial(myfunc, arg2=1).func == partial(myfunc, arg2=1).func
>>> partial(myfunc, arg2=1).args == partial(myfunc, arg2=1).args
>>> partial(myfunc, arg2=1).keywords == partial(myfunc, arg2=1).keywords

There was a bug filed in the Python tracker to add equality testing to partial objects that does essentially that, but it was rejected on the grounds that not having an __eq__ method shadows the behaviour of functions, which also are only equal if their id() matches.